Richard Currier

Levitate        Oil on Panel        76" x 48"

Anonymous       Oil on Panel        72" x 48"

Untitled     Oil on Canvas    44"x60"

Original Oil Paintings

Sentinel        Oil on Panel        72" x 48"

Eitharong Blackballed    Oil on Panel    72"x48"

Within One's Self    Oil on Panel    72"x60"   

Pound of Flesh    Oil on Panel    20" x 20"

Man Asleep     Oil on Panel    72"x48"

What God Wants        Oil on Canvas         60" x 84"

Bombers, Bees & Butterflies 

Oil on Panel    72" x 48"

On a Silver Platter    Oil on Canvas    36"x40"


Self Portrait With Eyes Closed   

Oil on Panel