Sentinel        Oil on Panel        72" x 48"

Untitled     Oil on Canvas    44"x60"

On a Silver Platter    Oil on Canvas    36"x40"

Richard Currier

What God Wants        Oil on Canvas         60" x 84"

Eitharong Blackballed    Oil on Panel    72"x48"

Original Oil Paintings


Within One's Self    Oil on Panel    72"x60"   

Man Asleep     Oil on Panel    72"x48"

Self Portrait With Eyes Closed   

Oil on Panel


Bombers, Bees & Butterflies 

Oil on Panel    72" x 48"

Anonymous       Oil on Panel        72" x 48"

Levitate        Oil on Panel        76" x 48"

Pound of Flesh    Oil on Panel    20" x 20"