Homestead    Oil on Panel   72" x 48"

Richard Currier
Micco, FL
Phone: 772-332-8555

Tempest     Oil on Panel     60"x48"

The Stand     Oil on Canvas    72" x 56"

Untitled 30x48

Passage       Oil on Canvas     56" x 72"

Sea of Grass     Oil on Canvas     70" x 70"

Wetlands     Oil on Canvas      36"x60"

Untitled      Oil on Canvas     48"x72"

Weathering Storm     Oil on Canvas       60"x84"

Tempest Rising     Oil on Panel     48" x 48"

Original Oil Paintings

Richard Currier

Low Country   Oil on Panel   48" x 48"

Resurrection Series - Orchid 48"x72"

Wetland     Oil on Canvas     48"x72"

Approaching  Storm    Oil on Panel     36"x 60"

Cypress Bend         Oil on Canvas         60"x84"

Cypress Stand    Oil on Panel      72" x 48"


Amber Dawn    Oil on Canvas     72"x72"

Twilight        Oil on panel         48" x 72"

Torrent     Oil on Panel     48"x48"